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How To Play Online Blackjack?

  • Published Date February 6, 2017
  • By aishwarya

The one huge gap between playing online Blackjack and in a brick and mortar casino has reduced dramatically. In fact, so many people have learned how to play online blackjack which is quickly becoming more popular than playing on a live casino floor. In this article, we look at some of the strategies every beginner needs to be aware of, on their path to becoming a consistent winner while playing Blackjack online.


Basic Tips

Here we present a few basic pointers on the game of blackjack which you can quickly memorize before hitting the online blackjack tables or even a land based casino. Applying these easy to remember tips makes it possible to greatly lower the house odds to about 1% and to increase your odds of winning:

  • Hit until hard 17: If your dealer holds a face up card of 9 or better, the best course of action is to hit until you have atleast a hand 17.
  • The dealer has the the the a face up card between 4 and 6: The blackjack dealer's weakest position is when they have a face up card at and between 4 and 6. If you find this to b e the case,you could choose to stand on a hand 12 ,o r above, e ach time,and you could even double down on A-4 or better.
  • Doubling down: When the dealer has a face up card of 9 or lower, you may double down on your 10 or 11. Some players may choose to take a risk of doubling down if the dealer has an Ace showing and has already peeked at the face down card, which assures them that the dealer is no t holdin g blackjack,but this approach can be risky.
  • Splitting aces and eights: Basic blackjack strategy dictates to always split Aces and Eights.There are some exceptions where you do not split Aces but that is part of a far more advanced strategy. The reason for splitting the 8’s is because your current score would be 16 which is one of the weakest positions in blackjack, especially since the dealer will only stand on 17, making you vulnerable. The reason for splitting Aces is to increase your chances of drawing a 10/picture card, the before giving you 21 and a sure win.

It’s important to note that these strategies do not guarantee a win, in fact there is no proven strategy that can assure you a win 100% of the time. Our aim with these strategies is to reduce the house edge and to increase your winning potential.

The Blackjack Strategy Card

Although it may be much faster to play the game of blackjack with a strategy that you have memorized, most experienced gamblers advise new blackjack players to pick a strategy card when they are still learning how to play online blackjack. Blackjack strategy cards are important because they tell you the moves you could make depending on your score and the dealer’s face up card. This is the one of the greatest benefits of playing online blackjack where you can play at your own pace, which means you can take your time and reference the strategy card and test what works for you.

Final Word

Even if you know very little about blackjack strategy, it should be obvious that a skilled player who knows how to play online blackjack stands a much better chance than one whose skills and experience are not as advanced. It cannot be reiterated enough that blackjack is all about the odds and skill. By applying the right strategy to sway the odds in your favor, your ability to win more hands is greatly enhanced which means overall, you can walk away from a blackjack session with a win-win confidence.There are many online card games which provide free shopping vouchers and bonus points on registration.

The key to blackjack success is not to let your emotions get in the way of proven strategies. Stick to the plan and play like a pro…!!

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