Blackjack is a game more of skill rather than luck. A player has to take each action calculatively in the game according to two cards dealt to him and the visible card of the dealer. The basic Blackjack strategy should be memorised by each player in order to master the game.

Things to consider while taking following actions:

Dealer's card Your cards Your Action
When to Hit/Stay 7-10 or Ace - Hit until you reach at least 17
2 or 3 If total at least 13 Stay
4-6 If total at least 12 Stay
When to Double or not - If total is 11 Always Double
Anything except 10 or an Ace If total is 10 Double
If 2-6 If total is 9 Double
- Anything other Don't Double
When to Split - 8's and Aces Split
- 10's, 9's, 5's or 4's Never Split
Anything except 9, 10 and Ace 2's, 3's, 7's Split
2-6 6's Split
Soft Hand - A, 9 Stay
6 A, 8 Double (otherwise Stay)
- Ace with anything between 2-6 Hit until you reach 18
Hard Hand - ≥17 Always Stay
- 11 Always Double
2-6 12-16 Stay
2-6 10 Double
3-6 9 Double
- 8 Always Hit