Question:What are some basic strategy tips for Blackjack ?

Answer: Once the player learns the rules of the game, he must learn the basic strategy of Blackjack to beat the game. Read basic strategy for Blackjack here[provide link of blackjack strategy].

Question:Are there any Jokers in the game ?

Answer: No, there's no role of Joker in Blackjack. Hence, Joker are not included in the deck.

Question: Is Blackjack a game of skill or luck ?

Answer: If you understand the rules and basic strategy of Blackjack, you will realize that mathematical calculations will fetch you win rather than sheer luck. Ofcourse, there is a little luck involved in the cards dealt but a skillful strategy may help you win even with the worst of cards.

Question:How many decks are used in the game?

Answer: A Blackjack game uses one to eight standard deck of 52-cards depending on the number of players on the table.

Question: Is it necessary to reach a number close to 21 ?

Answer: It is one of the most common misconception that the game's objective is to reach as close to the number 21 which is not the case. The main objective of the game is to beat the dealer either by scoring a number higher then him but not exceeding the number 21 or having the dealer bust. The correct way to make a decision is by considering your two cards and the dealer's up card. For e.g. if the dealer has an up card ranging from 2-6 and you have a total of at least 12 or 13, you should 'Stay' because there is a high chance that the dealer will go bust. So, you shouldn't necessarily be close to 21 in order to beat the dealer.