Blackjack is second most favoured game in the world after Poker. We, at Gamentio, have tried to emulate an immaculate version of Blackjack for our users. The rules of the game are, similar in nature to the original Blackjack game, explained below for the players to guide them through the Blackjack online game.


The objective of the game is to gain a high point total than the dealer but the total points should not exceed the number 21.

Card's Value:

Ace has a value 1 or 11 (acc. to the situation), while all the picture cards have the common value 10. The rest of the cards depict their face values.


The dealer deals two cards face up to each player on the table while one card face down and one card face up to himself.


The game starts with an initial bet amount put by each player. A player opts for a 'Hit' or a 'Stay' depending upon the cards dealt to him. A 'Hit' for adding additional cards to his deck and a 'Stay' for ending his turn. The dealer then plays out his turn and the winner is declared at the showdown.

Rules and Terminologies:
  1. Bet- Initial bet amount required to play the game.

  2. Pass- If a player wishes not to play a particular round, he can opt for a 'Pass'.

  3. Hit- Ask for one more additional card. A player can play 'Hit' any number of times until he reaches a satisfactory number ≤21.

  4. Stay- When a player decides to not ask for any further cards, he may choose to play 'Stay'.

  5. Bust- When the player's total points exceed the number 21, he is busted and loses the game.

  6. Push- When both, the player and the dealer, scores the same number of points, the game draws. The player gets back his bet.

  7. Soft Hand- A hand that contains an Ace as one of the first two cards.

  8. Hard Hand- A hand which an Ace has not been dealt in the first two cards or if it has been dealt, it can only be counted as 1 (not 11).

Special Case Rules:
  1. Split-

    When a player is dealt two cards of the same face value, he may choose to 'Split' his cards and make two decks. The player has to place another bet of the same size as initial bet amount for the 2nd deck. He can ask for a 'Hit/Stay' for the two decks separately and can win/lose twice in the same round.

    For e.g. J and K have the same face value, hence they can be split into two decks.

    After split-

  2. Double down-

    A 'Double Down' gives the opportunity to the player to double his bet amount and receive just one card further from the dealer. Usually, this option is carried out when a player has a total of 9, 10 or 11 points.

  3. Insurance-

    A player may opt for an 'Insurance' when one of the visible cards of the dealer is an Ace. Basically, it's a kind of bet against the face-down card of the dealer that is a 10-point card i.e. the dealer has a Blackjack.

    The 'Insurance bet' pays 2:1 to the player i.e. the player receives twice the amount of his bet if the dealer has a Blackjack and consequently, loses his initial bet amount. However, if the dealer does not have a Blackjack then the player loses his 'Insurance bet' and the game goes on as usual.

  4. Blackjack-

    A combination of an Ace and ten point card ( 10, J, K, or Q). Also known as the natural combination. A player wins instantly on encountering a Blackjack.

Possible Blackjack Combinations:
  1. An Ace and a King

  2. An Ace and a Jack

  3. An Ace and a Queen

  4. An Ace and a Ten

Rake @ 4% will be deducted on every gameplay.