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Blackjack Tips to Win at the Table

  • Published Date September 14, 2017
  • By ridhima arora

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the entire world. When you’re winning, Blackjack is great, but when you’re not, well, the game loses a certain part of its charm, shall we say. The great thing about Blackjack is that there are Blackjack rules you can master, and if you have a solid Blackjack strategy in place, your chances of winning will exponentially increase. You can of course, play Blackjack for free online and gain a great deal of experience, but is there anything else you can do to help you win at the table? Actually, yes there is. Here’s a look at some tried and tested Blackjack tips to ensure you win at the Blackjack table.
Know when to stand – One of the most important things to consider when playing Blackjack, is to know when to stand. Whether it is, in the casino, or simply if you are looking to play Blackjack for free online, knowing when to stand is very important. First and foremost, regardless of anything else, if your current hand total stands at 17 or higher, make sure you stand. If you are currently in possession of a pair of 10s that is splittable, or face cards which are splittable, rather than splitting them, you should instead stand. You should also stand if you can see, that the face up card of the dealer stands at 6 or lower, and your current hand stands at 13 or higher.
Practice online for free – As mentioned, you can play Blackjack for free online, and in reality, this is exactly what you should do. When you play online for free you can master the Blackjack rules and you can also work on your Blackjack strategy. Playing online for free is great because it allows you to get to know the rules, you can get plenty of practice in, and besides which, it also happens to be incredibly fun, especially as there is no pressure on you, as no cash is involved. The more you play the more you will learn, and the more you learn, the deadlier you will be when you hit the tables.
Ignore the ‘hot and cold’ myth – A lot of the time, you will find, that people will tell you to avoid certain tables, or to zone in on certain tables. The ones to avoid are known as cold, whereas the ones to focus on, are known as hot. The belief is that cold tables are harder to win at, but this is simply not true. In reality, it all depends on the circumstance. Just because others have lost at one table, doesn’t mean you will lose if you play on it, just as it doesn’t mean that you stand more chance of winning if you play at a table where people have had some levels of success. To put it simply, go with whichever table you like.
Keep your game face on and keep your emotions in check – Finally, when playing Blackjack, like poker, you want to keep your emotions to yourself. No matter how annoyed you get, you should always know when to call it quits, as emotions can lead to silly mistakes. Never get emotional, accept the fact that you have lost, and simply move on.
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