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Is it possible to beat the dealer in Blackjack?

  • Published Date July 30, 2018
  • By Admin

The game of blackjack and to play blackjack is a fun experience. However the blackjack strategy was eventually born to add another layer of enjoyment to this game. That was born in the early 1960’s when Dr. Edward O. Thorp published an article called “Beat the Dealer” which provided a optimal blackjack strategy and many others.

But despite all the tips there are for blackjack, games of skill come back to one thing. That is the more that you know, the more likely you’ll get a better advantage.

So is it possible to beat the dealer in blackjack? Absolutely. You simply need to know how to.

Back To Basics

To be able to play blackjack, you need to be able to stay in the game, not to mention be able to beat the dealer. Because of this, it’s smart to go back to the basics of the game. Whether you know the rules or not, it never hurts to play practice rounds and try out new strategies. Besides, “luck” will only get you so far.

First start with the basic rules and then you can begin studying the blackjack strategy. This is key as you want to know what to do during a hard hand or a soft hand. You also want to know when splitting is a good option to consider.

Reading Limit Signs

With the rules all in your head and some strategies you are ready to play blackjack. When you are looking out for a good table to sit at, the first thing that you want to look at is the limit signs for each table.

It can be easy to get excited for sure, but that sort of behaviour is why a lot of players will sit down at a table and have no clue at all about the limit or worse what game is being played there. You want to avoid this at all costs so make sure you scope out everything.

To scope it out you ant to start with the obvious and that is to find your standard blackjack table. From there, you can see the limits for both minimum and maximum bet for each hand.

Finding A Friendly Dealer

The other thing to look out for is find a friendly dealer. A dealer can either make or break a casino’s experience for people. In the end the dealer works for tips, but they should also be a good waitperson too. If they’re not that, then why are you at the table?

If the dealer is good, then you can strength the relationship you have with them by giving them the occasional “toke”. That basically means you are taking one of your chips and tipping the dealer for their efforts.

To top it off you also want to avoid being rude to the dealer of course - even if they are being rude to you - but also to the players too.

Know Your Limits

The other thing is to know your limits and play strategically. This is your real money on the line in this instance so there are limits to how much you can spend. Make sure you go only up to where you are comfortable. The last thing you want to do is go overboard.

Knowing when to stick around a table or to move on is an important strategy too.

This also applies if casinos offer incentives and extras when you play. These are lures for people to spend more money and come to casinos to begin with. Don’t go overboard with them and take them in moderations. A lot of casinos offer booze for free and while that’s great, it can easily cloud your judgement if you drink too much.

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