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Why is Gamentio Blackjack Card Game Online Special?

  • Published Date December 16, 2020
  • By Admin

 Why is Gamentio Blackjack Card Game Online Special?

Online gambling is made for people like me who prefer solitude rather than the hustle and bustle of land-based casinos. This goes for any card game like slots, rummy, poker, etc. However, blackjack tops the list. When it comes to talking about table games, blackjack always takes the lead for one reason or the other. It has been one of the most played card games in the entire world. 

From starting as a table game in a shady place, blackjack has come a far way where anyone from anywhere can play it. There are many online casinos that allow you to play blackjack online game free and give you a chance to earn virtual currency. But Gamentio is one such portal that provides its players with the online gaming experience as if they are playing in a traditional casino. With customisable 3D avatars and command-based gestures, it gives you a feel of a real casino experience. The awesome part is the site uses very less data, and without worrying about buying data boosters, you can play for hours and hours. 

A perfect place for newbies: 

If you have played 21 game before at land-based casinos, you might have had the chance to witness an intense atmosphere created by the players at the table. You get an opportunity to play at free tables without losing your hard-earned cash. Some enjoy the excitement, but you have to understand that it is never fun to be mocked if a mistake is made. 

When playing a blackjack card game online there is no tension about any pressure at the table. This is the reason that the virtual version of blackjack appeals more to beginners who are searching for a stress-free environment where they can hone their skills. Gamentio site helps you to learn the game and improve your blackjack knowledge. You get an opportunity to get familiar with the rules, blackjack betting strategy, bet-sizing, opponent’s playing pattern, etc. Since there is no real money gambling involved in Gamentio, it is a perfect place for beginner players to learn to play blackjack and practice as long as they want until they feel confident about their game. 

Avatars - The USP of Gamentio: 

To take the gaming experience up a level, the site has built 3D models which can be personalized to become an Avatar for a player. Having the capability to mimic the player's actions through avatars is the USP of Gamentio. On the player’s command, Avatars can wave Hi, express joy by lifting their hands, do a little victory dance to win, or punch in the air. Gamentio is the online social casino portal that gives an opportunity to its players to express themselves in the same way as they would do in a real-life casino.

Play on the go: 

Due to hectic routine or schedule of life today, playing from the comfort of your home or anywhere is nothing less than a blessing for a blackjack game fan. This is what Gamentio does exactly! The site brings the best and thrilling gaming experience at your fingertips. All you need is a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet and an internet connection. So, next time when you are waiting in a queue or stuck in traffic, just open the Gamentio app and start playing! You can take your blackjack game with you wherever you go. This is the freedom which you will never get playing blackjack at a land-based casino.

Chat feature:

Chat feature in Gamentio blackjack card game 

Gamentio makes sure not to miss out the chat feature essence on the virtual platform. When playing online blackjack you can chat with real-time players and make new friends with like-minded players. With this great feature you get a chance to connect and socialise with players from different backgrounds and countries. Express your thoughts to your fellow players with emojis.

The cool Gamentio online auctions:

 Online auctions on Gamentio

There are many online blackjack sites that allow its players to play and win virtual currency which can be used to buy avatars, unlocking new levels, etc. But what makes Gamentio blackjack special is its online auctions. It is the only online social card gaming portal that allows its users to use their winning coins by participating in auctions and grab the chance to win amazing products at breathtaking prices. 

The site conducts the most thrilling online auctions. It is the auctions on the site that is bringing in many gamers. In fact, the platform has delivered thousands of items at economical prices. Since its launch, the site has listed products worth Rs.50 lakh. 

To participate in auctions, all you have to do is sign up for free by simply log in using your email id or with your Facebook account. Play and win lots of coins, and use those coins to bid in auctions. What’s more attractive is there is no limit to bidding. You can bid on more than one product at the


same time. The players can bid on high-end products and win the product of their choice at rock-bottom prices.

Now that you know why playing Gamentio blackjack is special join the killer piece of thrilling entertainment. Grab your phone, connect to the internet, log in, and you enter into the world of online gambling world. Play blackjack online, win and bid the product of your desire at a sensational discount of 95%. 

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