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Top 5 Winning Blackjack Tips

  • Published Date January 11, 2021
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Top 5 Winning Blackjack Tips

If you are a novice player in the game of blackjack, or like any other table game you find this game a little challenging in the real casino, it’s OK. No one is born an expert. In the beginning, we all struggle. But the point is to conquer that fear or lack of experience and finally, get in the game! 

When it comes to Blackjack, you don’t need skills of bluffing to win as you would in poker. Or even if you have luck as you would have when spinning the roulette wheel or simply trying your luck in a slot machine. 

When playing 21 game, you don’t have to fear taking any risks. This is because Blackjack is a game that offers the best chances of winning. So, you must take advantage of it and remember to always play to win in the game. 

After we lost our first game online, we all must have looked for the pro blackjack tips to win at the game.

Playing the game with the right blackjack betting strategy can increase your winning chances. This is because it is not a gambling game like slots, roulette, or video poker.

We all play the game of blackjack to win. But we also know that it is not possible. When playing card games, you cannot help what you get, but you definitely have the control of what to do with them. You cannot make random decisions if you want any profits.

However, what is possible is to improve your chances of winning and get better odds of winning when you play online. All you have to do is just follow these blackjack tips and tricks.

Know the rules 

This is a piece of advice quite apparent. Before starting playing blackjack for real money, it is important to be familiar with the basic rules. It is impossible to beat an expert without knowing blackjack rules. They are pretty basic and don’t take much time to learn. Also, there are several variations of the game; you should be fully aware of the exact rules of the version you are playing.

Master basic strategy and adhere to it

Sure, you can play 21 game if you know how to hit, but the only way you can win is if you know when to hit. And this knowledge comes through something which is known as blackjack strategy. If you are serious about making some decent amount of money, mastering the basic strategy is a must. 

Unlike some casino games, blackjack is not based solely on chance. The outcomes are decided by the cards dealt, which ensures that there is some element of luck involved, but the choices you make often have an effect on your result. By making the right decision consistently will obviously improve your winning chances. 

The basic blackjack strategy is basically a set of rules which stipulate what the right decision is in any given circumstance. Following these rules will ensure that the decisions you make are mathematically correct.  

Avoid insurance 

It is not exactly a trick, but an essential fundamental rule. When the dealer has an ace or ten, you will be offered a chance to insure your hand. This is an additional bet of half of your stake. No matter how much money you have bet on your hand, avoid taking insurance. The chances of winning an insurance bet is about 2-1 or worse and the payout is around 2-1. There is a very low probability that you will win the bet. Although this safety approach might seem rational, but in the long run, it is actually a losing play. So, avoiding such a bet will be a brilliant idea.

Double down

This is one of the most ignored tips when it comes to playing Blackjack games, and it can be a very rewarding tip. Players who know the basic strategy will know when to utilize this option at the table. Doubling down gives players a chance to double the bet and receive an additional card. Doing so is also a good bet in more situations rather than just holding 9,10 or 11. For instance, it is typically a good move to double a soft 17 (ace -6) against a dealer’s 4, 5 or 6. It might not seem like a significant advantage to simply double the initial bet, but in the long run, winning such bets may be the difference between a winning night or a losing night.

Know when to quit 

As the game has a very low house edge, it is possible that you can have a good winning streak now and then. Having a great run of cards and winning a high percentage of your hands is not at all unusual. However, you must realise that no winning streak lasts forever. 

When things are going in your favour, you might feel tempted to continue playing or even increase your stakes. There is nothing wrong with riding a hot streak, but you should know when to stop. 

If you have had a lucky streak, don’t make it a mistake to give all your winnings back to the casino. In fact, you should keep some of your winnings separate to ensure you walk away ahead. 

The same fundamental principle applies when you are on a losing streak. It is not necessarily that you have to stop when you have lost a few rounds, but yes, you should probably quit before you lose what you are comfortable with. The classic mistake of chasing your losses should also be avoided. Trying to cover your losses by increasing your stakes is something which you should never do when playing in a casino.

Before you decide to gamble for real money, consider practicing several hands so that you get used to the speed and experience with your cards. That way, whenever you play at the live table, there will be no surprises. There are many online sites that allow players to play blackjack online for free and polish their skills. One such popular online site is Gamentio. You can register for free and play for unlimited hours at any time of the day. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and test your blackjack game skills. Invest money only once you are confident about your gameplay. If you would like to learn more about blackjack strategies and tricks on how to become a better player, the site provides plenty of information for you.

Ready to give a try at online blackjack? Head over to Gamentio to sign up and play.

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