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Blackjack: Double it Down

  • Published Date July 21, 2017
  • By Admin


Blackjack, the World’s most loved and played Casino game by miles. Anyone who has ever been to the Casino has surely tried their hands at Blackjack. In the past few years, you don’t even really need to visit a land based Casino, just to play the game.


Whether you just want to learn the game and try it out for free before you actually go on to test your Blackjack skill on real money tables. It can all be smoothly done by playing Blakjack online.


We will be giving you a few handy tips, associated with a specific aspect of the game, Double Down. This should guide you, when you should exactly Double Down your bet before drawing a card and when you should refrain from doing that.


Scenario 1: When the total of the two cards you have been dealt is 11, we would recommend you to always double up, an exception to which can be , if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. In this case it is more like a 50-50 chance to get paid and the decision is solely yours.


Scenario 2: When the total of your two cards is 10, you should double down against each of the Dealer’s face-up card, except if he has drawn a picture or an Ace for himself. Doubling down is not so advisable in this case as you are more likely to ending up losing double the bet amount rather than winning.


Scenario 3. When the total of your two cards is 9, make sure you only double up if the dealer’s face up card is anything between 2 and 8. If the Dealer has drawn a card, with the value of 9 or better, you should stay away from doubling down.


These are pretty much the only scenarios as ideally all of the live or Online Casinos offer you a Double Down opportunity, if the total of your first two cards is between 9 and 11.


Hope you find these tips handy and use them to your advantage, the next time you are on a Blackjack table and it is time to Double Down! Good Luck!

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