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Facts & Interesting Trivia About Blackjack – The 21 Card Game

  • Published Date December 8, 2016
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The easiest game we know by far among the free online card games goes by the name Blackjack or 21 (twenty-one) in some places. The game is popular among the online card gaming community and in casinos worldwide as well. Although almost every Blackjack fan is familiar with the basic Blackjack rules and knows how to play Blackjack effectively by never exceeding the number 21 but we’re sure our compilation of some of the rare known facts about Blackjack will surely be treat for them.

  1. The game originated in France around the 18th century and was originally known as ‘Vingt-et-un’ (twenty and one). The term ‘BlackJack’ was coined by the American casinos since originally a Blackjack was the combination of the Ace of Spades and either the Jack of Spades or the Jack of Clubs. The game evolved as more people drew towards it but the name remains the same till date.

  2. When playing with a single deck, the chances of getting a natural 21 (or a Blackjack) is only 4.8%. However, this figure changes when multiple decks are involved.

  3. Acc. to the Blackjack Strategy, when the dealer’s hand is between 7-10 or an Ace, it is advisable to hit until you reach at least 17 since there’s a high chance that dealer might win in such cases.
    Also, it is advisable to ‘Stay’ in the following two cases:

    1. When the dealer’s hand is 2 or 3 and the hand is at least 13

    2. When the dealer’s card ranges from 4-6 and the your hand is at least 12.

  1. This might come as a surprise to some people but majority of the players aren’t actually aware of the fact that the basic objective of the game isn’t to get the number 21 but to beat the dealer. A player can beat the dealer even at a random number 14 if the dealer goes bust.

  2. Acc. to the rules of the game, the best hand is 21 followed by 20 but it is very less known and unpredictable by most of the people that 11 is the third best hand in the game instead of 19. It is because with 11 you can easily hit once and have around 46.2% chance of getting 19 or more and almost 30.8% chance of securing the victory number 21.

  3. There’s a high chance of dealer going bust when he’s between 2 and 6. The chance is a bit lower when the number is between 7 and 10. It’s just 17% when an Ace is there.

  4. The seats around the dealer are called bases. The nearest one is the First Base and the farthest one is called the Third Base. Third base provides a good estimate to the card counters and they have better chances of winning.

  5. Splitting is considered a lucrative option but people tend to split every pair they stumble upon so as to maximise their winning game. However, one thing not many people know about is that it is always recommended not to split the 10's, 9's, 5's & 4's. Although, you can split 2’s, 3’s & 7’s on the condition that the dealer has anything except 9,10 or an Ace.

  6. No matter how much advantageous it seems, Insurance is a terrible bet to go for. More than half of the times, you will lose this bet.

  7. If you strictly go by the rulebook of Blackjack, then out of 100 games, on an average a dealer is estimated to win around 48 hands and the player may win around 44 hands. Rest of the hands will be a ‘Push’. However, the number may change depending upon your Blackjack skills.


So, these were the 10 interesting facts about Blackjack- the 21 card game. Play this awesome online card game on Gamentio and stand a chance to win exciting cash vouchers.


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