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The strategies to win in Blackjack game

  • Published Date January 9, 2018
  • By Admin

Winning in the Blackjack game requires strategy, not luck. Rarely, a few might get lucky, once in a while to win when they play blackjack without a strategy. Blackjack is a unique game among other casino games because it requires tactics to win consistently at the blackjack tables. I understand it could be frustrating when we lose, but it’s never the end. Why don’t you follow these simple strategies and see whether the odds will be in your favor?

Firstly, you need to learn the basic strategies of playing your cards wisely and then master the card counting system.

  • Learn everything about Blackjack from scratch- Blackjack requires adequate knowledge and foresight, it’s a game with processes. Familiarize yourself with the basic terms of blackjack, to know when you are winning and when there is a chance of losing. E.g. Double down, splitting pairs and surrender your hand.

  • Know the table’s game rules before playing- Blackjack game is not a guessing game and will never be, it’s a game of rules. The rules of the game need to be known before you place your bets, if you don’t want to lose your money cheaply. Get yourself familiar with the rules, as they may vary in different casinos!

  • Get a betting strategy- When you play Blackjack, you need to know it’s a game of mathematical probability, with strategies. Before you throw your money on that table, ask yourself what’s my strategy or plan to win. The first strategy I will suggest is paying attention, if you don’t, you might just lose way too quick. Secondly, study the table and be cautious. The list is long, you can add yours. In short, strategize before each game.

  • Increase your bet when the odds favor you- It’s advisable you start betting low after a deck shuffle, also when it seems you are winning. When many high cards are in the deck, it’s a good omen for you since they summed up to ten and help you get more blackjacks. If you keep playing, you will visualize how many cards will be in your favor while proceeding with the hand you have afterwards.

  • Resist buying insurance- Dealers are pros in Blackjack game and most have mastered Blackjack strategies. They lure and persuade you with options, especially when they have an Ace and tell you to seek protection. If you follow their instructions, most of the times you get your money back in the short-term and lose to the casino afterwards big time. Often, the beginners are their prey who never know the dealer has a card worth ten points face-down under an ace.

  • Enjoy perks with moderation- Always have it in mind that casinos are not charitable organizations, but business companies that are after your money. The offers start to roll in with free drinks for the night. Casinos will give you many offers, don’t be fooled, they are still after your money. Don’t let them cloud your judgement, stay alert.

  • Know your limits- Lastly, as humans, we have limitations with different abilities. You’ve labored hard for the cash that you will be throwing on their tables, make sure you are in proper state of mind before placing the bets and do not lose your focus. Know what you are willing to risk and stake. Please quit when you feel it is becoming uncomfortable. After all, it’s your cash and there will always be another day to bet.

Blackjack game is all about strategies if you really want to win on a regular basis.

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