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Top 5 interesting facts about playing online Blackjack game

  • Published Date December 11, 2017
  • By Admin

Black jack, which is sometimes referred to as 'twenty one', is a card game, which consists of several players and a dealer. It is a card game in which each player is required to play against the dealer rather than competing between the players. This card game consists of fifty-two cards. One of the primary objectives of playing
online blackjack for fun is to grab maximum points and beat the dealer. The players have to make sure that beat the dealer and do not exceed 21 at the same time during final stages of the game.

Black jack is regarded as one of the favorite card games amongst the public. It is a famous table game, which is played in several swanky nightclubs across United States of America. Nowadays there is plenty of online blackjack for fun available via internet. However, there are some people who are not quite familiar with the facts related to this amazing card game. Let us look the top five interesting facts associated with online Black jack game:


  • Earn a living by playing Black jack : -

The term 'Black jack' was introduced by the American casinos. It is one of the few card games where you can earn a living. There are gamblers, which are commonly known by the name 'advantage gamblers' who do not wish to gamble unless luck in their favor. Most of the Blackjack online card games contain a 'housing edge', which is quite difficult to overcome.

Counting cards is undoubtedly one of the major Blackjack strategy used while playing this card game. This Blackjack strategy would definitely give the player an edge over the game. If a player is not willing to utilize counting cards, he/she may switch over to break-even game.


  • The term 'Black jack' was derived from a French word 'Vingt-et-un' meaning 21. During the commencement of the game, the players were delivered an initial payout of 10: 1 if they have a black jack in their hands. From that day onwards, the term 'Black jack' became widely popular across the globe.


  • The famous military leader and the President of France named Louis-Napolean Bonaparte often used to play the card game 'Black jack' during his exile in islands like Elba and St.Helena. The French people invented some of the older versions of this card game, which is almost five hundred years old.


  • This card game, which was previously banned during the French revolution, became widely popular in United States of America during the year 1930.


  • Some of the worst hand numbers contained in Black jack are 15 and 16. The card game 'Blackjack' is purely based on statistics and the individual has to make sure that he focuses only on 'Black jack'.

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