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Hilarious Blackjack Jokes

  • Published Date June 18, 2020
  • By Admin

Best hilarious Blackjack jokes

Blackjack is the most popular casino game with a blend of luck and strategy. Although this game requires a lot of attention, cracking a few jokes here and there won't hurt. Also, gambling is not all about money or the competition; there has to be some fun as well. So, without any further ado, here are some of the best Blackjack jokes that will shed a tear or two while laughing. I hope you will like them!

Human nature: Six friends spent a week gambling at the Blackjack tables in Goa. They all decided they would treat the others to another gambling break, whoever will win big. One of the men won 10,00,000. Recalling the agreement to treat the group, he didn't want any of his friends to find out about his winning. So he deliberately misses his flight and decides to come back home by another plane. As soon as he reaches home, he digs a hole in the backyard of his house and hides all his Blackjack money in it. The next day, he walked outside and found an empty hole. He observed steps leading from the hole to the house next door. A deaf-mute owned it. He visited a professor who understands sign language and brought him to the deaf's house. 

While screaming at the teacher, he said, "You tell this guy, if he does not give my money back, I will kill him right now." The teacher conveyed the message, and he got the answer, "I hid it in the storeroom under the floorboards." The teacher turned to the man with a gun and said, "the deaf-mute man would rather die than tell you where he kept the money."

House etiquette: At a 21 card game table, a player has a hand of 14 count, and a dispute was struck between a dealer and a player that whether a player should tip a dealer or not. 

"When I get a terrible hand, it is not the dealer's responsibility. Accordingly, when I get a good hand, obviously the dealer has nothing to do with it, so why should I tip him?", says the young player.

"Well, sir, when you eat at a cafeteria, do you tip the waiter?", the dealer says

"Yes", the young player says.

"The waiter provides you with the food, whether it is good or bad. In the same way, a dealer serves you a card, so you should tip him too," says the dealer

"Alright," says the player, "the waiter gives me what I ask for. So, I am going to take a 7."

Husband and wife: A man was playing Blackjack with his wife for the first time. She received a hand of 13 whereas the dealer had a seven.

"You should hit", the husband says.

"Why", asks the wife.

"The book says so", said the husband.

"Where is the damn Blackjack book you always keep talking about," said the wife.

Enraged wife: Jack came home from the pub four hours late. "Where the hell you were?" the wife screamed. 

"I was playing Blackjack with my colleagues," said Jack. 

"Playing Blackjack with some colleagues!?" the wife yells. 

"Well, you can pack your bags and leave," the enraged wife said.

"So should you," Jack says. "This is no longer our home."

Next time when you are playing an online Blackjack game and can't seem to get ahead, have a look at some of our hilarious Blackjack jokes. Remember one thing: don't take things too seriously. If you have any good Blackjack jokes, we would love to hear them in comments. 

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